What We Do


Durable, Appealing, and Affordable touch-up
solutions for Commercial & Residential surfaces.

Whether it's damage on a fine wood cabinet, a granite countertop or a vinyl floor, our Touch-up Repair Specialists are trained to provide you with an affordable repair solution.

  • Wood                 • Porcelain             • Stone
  • Laminate           • Fiberglass           • Metal
  • Leather/Vinyl    • Vinyl Floors        • Vinyl Composites
  • Tile                      • Plastic                 • Stainless Steel
  • Carpet                • Glass Scratch     • And much more
You'll Be Amazed At The Variety of Surfaces We Repair
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Offering the finest Touch-up Repair Solutions for
interior commercial & residential surfaces.

  • Portland, OR (971) 678-4956
  • Vancouver, WA (971) 678-4956
  • Salem, OR (503) 393-3110
  • Eugene, OR (503) 393-3110
  • Spokane, WA (509) 238-3000



To schedule a repair, please contact your local franchise listed under the 'Providers' Tab.

If you have a general question regarding our business or franchise opportunities, please contact our corporate office.

You may email us by selecting the contact tab at the top of this site or sending an email to mail@thedetaildifference.com. Thank you.